New equipment

Insulation Testers

Surge Testers

Regulated high voltage power supply

Temperature Controllers

Intelligent Panel Meters

Data Acquisition Systems

PC Based automated multichannel signal recorders


Pre-owned equipment for Sale

ABI Prism 377-96 DNA sequencer with collector software       $2000
LSI (Laser Science Inc) UV (337 nm) pulsed laser model:VSL 337ND,

Maximum power =6 mW. 400 mj max energy/pulse. Class IIIb.*    $750

Uniphase C.W. Argon laser (max 40 mW C.W. Class IIIb)model: 2214-40MLA.

Laser power supply model: 2114B-40MLA.   $400

     HP 8657 SIGNAL: GENERATOR 0-1040MHZ $400

   Despatch LND 1-42  Inert Atmosphere Ovens    $1500

       HP 5386 FREQUENCY COUNTER 8657  1-3GHZ    $800

     ANRITSU  ME 518A ERROR RATE MEASUREMENT (transmitter),Receiver)    $450


       AGILENT  8935CDM

UNILAP ISO X Multifunction Insulation & Appliance Tester $300

HP 8562A spectrum analyzer $5250


Radiodetection RD400 Buried Pipe & Cable Locator Transmitter and Receiver

T11 1/A  Pulse Echo Tester $600

Baker ST112 Surge Tester Static Motor Analyzer

Baker AST-HV READOUT and MUX ASSEMBLY 80-521 Board

Advantest TR6143 Voltage, Current Monitor

Tektronics 1503C  metallic Cable Tester


  Megger (Programma ) MOM600A High Current Microhommeter $2000


 Megger M1600/MA61 Circuit Breaker Analyzer     $4000

SEAWARD PAC 3760 PLUS Portable appliance testers

FlushButt  Data Acquisition System


As new Variable speed  or Variable Frequencies Driver:

Emotron 450 Volt 8 Amp $200

EMOTRON 450 Volt 21AMP   $1000

EMOTRON 450 Volt 170 AMP $3500

SIEMENS  40 kW $1200

All prices Are negotiable






Please note: All above names belong to respective treade marks of the manufacturers.


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