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Design, Service, Manufacture & Repair in the following fields:

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Address 1037 Table Top Road Tolmie Vic 3723

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Mob. 61-3-418326571


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Giuliano Ardis
Technical Engineering.


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Equipment Service List

Sale ,Service, Repair & Calibration of the following Equipment:

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New equipment

Insulation Testers

Surge Testers


Regulated high voltage power supply

Temperature Controllers

Intelligent Panel Meters

Data Acquisition Systems



Pre-owned equipment make us an offer


ABI Prism 377-96 DNA sequencer with collector software
CTI Cryogenics. 8200 air cooled compressor with cold head model 350 CP.
LSI (Laser Science Inc) UV (337 nm) pulsed laser model:VSL 337ND,

Maximum power =6 mW. 400 mj max energy/pulse. Class IIIb.

LEYBOLD Rotary Pump TRIVAC type 825B. 2.5 m3/hr.

Ultimate pressure 2.5 10-2 mbar.

Zymark Twister-1 with software
LEYBOLD Turbo Molecular pump. Model: TW700.

Controller included Works on 59 VDC supply (not included).

Uniphase C.W. Argon laser (max 40 mW C.W. Class IIIb)model: 2214-40MLA.

Laser power supply model: 2114B-40MLA.

        Racal Instrument 6113E  Digital Radio Test Set     

     HP 8657 SIGNAL: GENERATOR 0-1040MHZ


       HP 5386 FREQUENCY COUNTER 8657  1-3GHZ




Spectrophotometers , Holographic gratings and various scientific equipment.


Please note: All above names belong to respective trademark of the manufacturers.


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Giuliano Ardis

Director ,Tech.Eng. Born in  Fagnano Castello Cosenza Italy

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 09:19:16 AM +1100